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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What type of bike is best for the Methlick Cycle Challenge?

A. We recommend a gravel bike, mountain bike, hybrid or cyclocross type bikes on the gravel routes as there are quite a lot of sections that follow footpaths and forestry tracks that could get tricky in the wet- but it is up to you, as long as you understand the type of surfaces that you will be cycling on then you decide. Road bikes for the road route.

Q. Will there be better signage throughout the route this year as I got lost last year?

A. Yes, we will have large directional arrows, more marshals and bikers on their motorbikes throughout the route to assist.


Q. Is there any food & drink available?

A. Yes, water stations en route and a BBQ at the end. The BBQ will be free for all participants, marshals and helpers and chargeable to all spectators. The Ythanview Hotel also have a great range of beers, real ales, wines, spirits and soft drinks in the bar. 


Q. Is there any prizes for first finished?

A. No, this is a challenge, not a race. Please do not push yourself beyond your capabilities.


Q. Is there accommodation available before the challenge?

A. Yes, there are a few rooms at the Ythanview Hotel and possibly others within the village (complete with secure bike storage), contact us for more details. 


Q. What if I realise that I may have bitten off more than I can chew and cannot continue?

A. We have very limited vehicles to collect serious drop outs or major mechanical breakdowns, if these are otherwise occupied then it may be up to you to arrange your own collection. Please train properly before the event to ensure you are capable of cycling the distance. If you do stop at any point please make a marshal or event official know so you are not on the ‘missing person’ list should you not get to the next check point.


Q. Can I get sponsored to do the challenge?

A. Yes of course. There is a downloadable sponsor form here to raise money for our causes, or you can do your own thing for your favourite charity.


Q. Are there toilet facilities?

A. Public toilets are available at the start, there may be some in the villages we pass through and there are toilets available at the end.

Any other questions? email

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