Get Cycling and Get Fit for 2016

Now that the Christmas and New Year celebrations are past most people realise they may have eaten and drank more than usual and have 'get fit' as one of their new year resolutions.

Instead of queing up at the gym with everyone else starting new monthly memberships that they probably wont use to their full potential why not get out on your bike?

I am sure there are loads of sheds and garages hiding a bike or two in the corner, dust it down, blow up the tyres, lubricate it and get out on it!

Or if you don't have a bike go out and get a bargain at this time of the year in the sales.

Sign up for the Methlick Cycle Challenge which will give you something to aim for, start going out regularly and build up your fitness, before you know it you will be knocking in the miles, touring the fantastic countryside in our area and enjoying your cycling.

Don't worry too much about the weather, wear suitable clothing. The cycle challenge crew regurarly go out either on the roads or the mountain bike trail centres every week, even in December!

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