1 Week To Go!

Only 1 week to go until the 2016 Methlick Cycle Challenge.

Last year was our first cycle challenge, this year it has come on leaps & bounds to the point that some entrants think we have been doing this for years.

Lots of preparation has gone into it by our committee who have been participating in other cycle events and sportives and grabbing some great ideas to use on our challenge.

Entrants are far past double that of last year already and still coming in, mostly local but some from South Scotland, London and even one from Germany! The power of Facebook!

Hopefully you have all been preparing for this (physically & mentally), 73 miles is a hard trek for anyone let alone if you have not been training. Please do not over do it, if it really does get too much let a marshal know and stop.

Your bike should be in good condition, give it a last minute check over- especially tyres, brakes and gears. There is still time to get new parts fitted if required.

See you next week!

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